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Publication Ethics

Authorship of the paper

Every single published material—articles, reviews must contain fitting attribution of origin.

Originality and plagiarism

Copyright infringement is a revile upon the academic world. Authors submitting with us are relied upon to have appropriate comprehension about the literary theft issues. Nothing ought to be replicated in any structure without appropriate affirmation or lawful consent in any capacity that may disregard other's privileges. While they ought to incorporate affirmation to other's works, they ought to likewise take authorization for utilizing any material from the concerned gatherings themselves. EPRA Trust Publishing won't start any procedure nor will stay answerable for any sort of copyright infringement.

Manuscript Submission

We acknowledge papers on the conviction that the equivalent has not been submitted or will be submitted with different publications while the review procedure is going on.

Acknowledgement of sources

Appropriate affirmation

Conflicts of interest

So as to keep up straightforwardness in publication, we energize all—authors, editors, analysts and other individual/parties engaged with the publication procedure, to stay away from any type of irreconcilable circumstances

Errors in Online published Article:

Author must intimate to the editor before print edition publication.

Defamation or Promotion

We don't anticipate that authors should incorporate whatever may end up being defamatory or promotional.